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Woodward Family Tree - What's New

Newspaper What's new (August 2019)

A number of pages have been revised to make the story easier to follow. The family tree has been updated by adding results of the latest research that takes the history back another 150 years to the 1590s.

Don't forget to email me if you have any information that may help or if you want any help and advice yourself.

Previous Updates:

(Sept 2015) New Johnson family tree added to the site for the Johnson family from Selby, South Milford and Sherburn, Yorkshire (1811 onwards).

A large family tree of Woodwards in Lower Quinton and Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire has also been compiled and added to the site (1590-1764).

(July 2015) New research into the origins of William Woodward from the mid 1700s is available on the family members page. The research looks at eight possible Williams who could be an ancestor. Even if you are not related to this family, you may find useful information about other William Woodwards in the Alcester area.

Also updated is research into William's likely parents, John & Hannah Woodward, showing links to Woodwards in Quinton, Warwickshire.

(May 2015) Other Woodward families: An enhanced family tree for the Chipping Campden Woodwards (Stone Masons) has been produced, adding many more members - see the Related Families page for details.

A new family tree for a Woodward family in Stratford on Avon (Thomas Woodward and Mary Oakley - married 1733) added to the site. Thomas may have been from Chipping Campden, remarrying after the death of his first wife (Martha Curtise) but he may also be a Thomas Woodward from Quinton. The family may have links to the Woodward family in Alcester and Woodward families in Wootten Wawen and Henley in Arden. See the Related families page for details.

(January 2011) Woodward family photo gallery added

A photo gallery of members of the Woodward family added to the site.

(January 2011) Family trees now in PDF format

All family trees have been converted into PDFs for easier viewing and download. New information taken from the 1911 census has been added where found.

Baker family photo gallery added

A photo gallery of the Baker family from Wetmore Road, Burton on Trent is now available. (May Hatto shown in the photographs was Catherine Baker's sister.)

Catherine Baker narrowly misses the sinking of the Titanic

Read how my grandmother, Catherine Baker, almost sailed to America in 1912 on the fated liner Titanic, and how her employer's son drowned when the ship hit an iceberg and sank (more)

Frank Woodward killed on the Somme in 1916

Frank was killed in action on 18 July 1916 (aged 19) at Delville Wood, France, in the First Battle of the Somme during World War 1. New page added to commemorate his death in the blood bath that was the Battle of the Somme (more).