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Woodward Family Tree
by Graham Woodward
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What's New
  • (Oct 2021) A revised and much enlarged Woodward family tree has now been added to the site. (see Family Tree above). This is a merger of two earlier trees - that of Walter Woodward (1630s) from Morton Bagot, Warwickshire and that of William Woodward (1760s) based around Alcester, Warwickshire. Following lengthy research, this merger now takes the family line back to about 1600.

  • (Aug 2021) A recent re-appraisal of the evidence gathered so far suggests that my Alcester Woodward family are directly related to the Walter Woodward family from Morton Bagot. Research is still ongoing but the Morton Bagot tree has been amended accordingly, although there are still questions to be answered.

  • (Jun 2021) Revised family tree for Thomas Woodward and Mary Oakley at Stratford on Avon uploaded following new research - see the Related families page for details.

  • (Oct 2020) The layout of the whole site has been revamped into a widescreen format that will work on most devices, such as desktops, laptops, phones and tablets. All pages have now been updated.

  • (Mar 2018) The guides to baptisms, burials, marriages and the calendar have all been updated to include new research and new sources of material.

  • (Sept 2015) A new Johnson family tree has been added to the site for the Johnson family from Selby, South Milford and Sherburn, Yorkshire (1811 onwards). A large family tree of Woodwards in Lower Quinton and Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire has also been compiled and added to the site (1590-1764).

  • (July 2015) New research into the origins of William Woodward from the mid 1700s is available on the Family members page. The research looks at eight possible Williams who could be a direct ancestor. Even if you are not related to this family, you may find useful information about other William Woodwards in the Alcester area and gain clues for your own research. Also updated is research into William's likely parents, John & Hannah Woodward, showing links to Woodwards in Quinton, Stratford on Avon and Clifford Chambers, Warwickshire.

  • (May 2015) An enhanced family tree for the Chipping Campden Woodwards (Stone Masons) has been produced, adding many more members, and a new family tree for a Woodward family in Stratford on Avon (Thomas Woodward and Mary Oakley - married 1733) has been included. See the Related families page for details.

  • (Feb 2012) The story of how my grandmother missed sailing on the ill-fated Titanic has been added to the site, and the report of a plane crash in 1945 that killed five family members has also been compiled. See the Related families page for more details.

  • (January 2011) Woodward family photo gallery added to the site.

  • (January 2011) All family trees have been converted to pdfs for easier viewing and download. New information taken from the 1911 census has been added where found. A photo gallery of the Baker family from Wetmore Road, Burton on Trent is now available.

Compiled by Graham Woodward, Nottingham, England (UK).