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Woodward Family Tree
by Graham Woodward
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Family Members

The members listed below are those in the direct line back from the present day to the early 1730s. Click on a name to access more information about the person and their family.

John Woodward and Hannah (c.1730)

Unknown personJohn and Hannah are shown in the parish records for Alcester as the parents of a William Woodward baptised in Alcester in 1760. He is the strongest candidate to be a main ancestor. John and Hannah also had a daughter, Betty, at Quinton near Stratford on Avon, born in 1762, but their marriage cannot be found and there are no other children born to this couple.

Recent research suggest that the family came from Quinton and later Dorsington, but the records are inconclusive.

William Woodward (1760-1797) and Elizabeth Richards (1762-1830)

unknown personWilliam Woodward was baptised in Alcester, Warwickshire on 25 May 1760, the son of John and Hannah Woodward. Very little is known about him. The record of his parent's marriage cannot be found. He married Elizabeth Richards in 1789 in Alcester, had three children, then died in 1797 in Alcester. The cause of death is unknown. Elizabeth re-married to a William Phipps in Alcester in 1804, his third marriage, and went to live in Inkberrow, Worcestershire where she died in 1830.

John Woodward (1792-1875) and Hannah Laight (1785-1871)

unknown personJohn Woodward was the second child of William and Elizabeth Woodward, and was baptised in Alcester in 1792. He moved to Inkberrow with his mother when she remarried, and he stayed there all his life, working as an Agricultural Labourer. In 1814 he married Hannah Laight at Tardebegg Church, near Redditch, and moved to the Ridgeway, near Inkberrow, Worcestershire, where they had six children. John died in 1875 aged 82, and was buried at Inkberrow. Hannah died in 1871 aged 87, and was also buried at Inkberrow.

John Woodward (1821-1888) and Ann Climer (1824-1894)

unknown personThis John Woodward was the third child of John and Hannah Woodward (nee Laight). He was baptised at Inkberrow, Worcestershire, and started work as an Agricultural Labourer. He married Ann Climer in 1844 at Aston Cantlow and moved to Wilmcote, Warwickshire, where Ann's family lived. John worked in the local stone quarry, but became a cooper (barrel maker) when the quarry closed.   

John died at Wilmcote in 1888, aged 67. Ann died in Wilmcote in 1894, aged 69.

Arthur John Woodward (1857-1928) and Joice Jeffrey (1861-1957)

Joice Jeffrey Arthur was the third son of John and Ann Woodward (nee Climer). He was born and baptised at Wilmcote, Warwickshire, in 1857. He had two elder brothers and three younger sisters. He worked with his father as a Stone Mason at a quarry in Wilmcote, but after 1871 he, his brother and his father all worked as Coopers (barrel makers) at Showell's Brewery in Langley, near Smethwick in Birmingham.  Arthur's eldest brother, William, a Stone Mason, married and moved to Sneinton, Nottingham. Arthur's sisters lived in Smethwick.

In 1882 Arthur married Joice Jeffrey, a needle maker, at Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. After the marriage they settled in Smethwick, Birmingham, where their first child, Horace, was born in 1887. In 1891 they moved to Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, where Arthur worked at Bass's Brewery until he retired. He died in 1928.

After Arthur's death, Joice lived at Stretton, near Burton, until she died in 1957, aged 96. Arthur and Joice lost a son, Cecil Frank, killed at Delville Wood, France in the Batttle of the Somme during World War 1.

Horace Arthur Woodward (1887-1966) and Annie Johnson (1897-1979)

Horace Woodward Horace was the eldest of seven children born to Arthur and Joice Woodward. He was born at Smethwick, Birmingham, in 1887, and baptised at Wilmcote, Warwickshire. He moved to Burton on Trent in 1891 and in 1903 was apprenticed to his father at Bass's Brewery in Burton. He eventually became a fully qualified foreman cooper, working with his father, three brothers and two cousins.

In 1914 he went to work in Selby, Yorkshire where he met Annie Johnson and they were married in Selby Abbey in 1919. They settled in Burton where they bought a house and he returned to work at Bass's Brewery where he stayed until he retired aged 65. Horace died in Burton in 1966 and Annie died there in 1979.

Fred Baker (1885-1956) and Catherine Outram Hatto (1884-1957)

Fred baker Fred Baker and Catherine Outram Hatto were the parents of Vera Baker who married Gordon Woodward (below). Fred came from a family of eleven children, in Sudbury Derbyshire, but Catherine came from Alkmonton, Derbyshire and only had one sibling, an older sister.

Fred and Catherine were married in Burton on Trent in 1911, had five children and died in Burton.

Gordon Arthur Woodward (1923-2000) and Vera May Baker (1924-2013)

Gordon & Vera Woodward Gordon was the second and youngest son of Horace and Annie Woodward. He was born in Burton on Trent in 1923 where he grew up and went to the local Grammar School. He joined the Army in 1942 and was badly injured in 1945. After the war he returned to Burton where he married Vera Baker.

Gordon worked for Marley Tiles in Burton on Trent until 1958, and then for Holborn FNF in both Burton and Rochester, Kent. He moved to Nottingham in 1966 where he managed a hosiery factory but returned to Burton in 1970. He died in Burton on Trent in July 2000. Vera died in Burton in September 2013.

Roger Graham Woodward (1951- ) and Catherine Jean Guillon (1953- )

Graham Woodward I was born in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, on 14  September 1951, the third child of Gordon and Vera Woodward. 

I lived in Burton until I was 12 years old, moved to Lenham, Kent in 1964 and to Nottingham in 1966. In 1976 I married Cate Guillon and we live in Nottingham.

Photo gallery

A small gallery of Woodward photos is now available to view.

Compiled by Graham Woodward, Nottingham, England (UK).